America's Ill number one

This site ws launched November 6, 2020.  Previously this author was not in any way "political", and in fact have not voted since age 18 and is 65 now.  In California because it was a given "blue" state, any votes over whatever to defeat Mr. Trump is a disenfranchised vote because it will not count any further - but in the popular vote.   There has always been a solution to the Coronavirus no one would look to.  See


(yes click on link above for more info - this is already underway enacted as law in several states)

President Biden is swiftly moving forward with beginning the process of re-powering America.  See   This order will do more good than all the amateur hour orders of Trump in one felt swoop to re-lead America down a better path to recovery.  Not only will the government buy better solutions, but the EPA can use this to direct companies who want to re-power with new solutions.

Still inside all of this America is slow to get with the global program - see how the Chinese are moving forward with just digital currency while in America all we do is bet on it going up and down.  See…

America and Americans look pretty stupid right now on the world stage.  We elected Mr. Trump against everyone warning he would be nothing but bad news.  Now he had made America look like dumb-asses. Over  450,000 dead at February 5, 2021 from COVID nowhere near any other country in the world, and now the vaccine that took a year to get approved is already being overshadowed by a mutant variant which render it ineffective.  See what Ukraine's President: sadi about the Capitol riots a 'strong blow' to US democracy at… where Max Boot agrees.  See also where Kevin McCarthy Beet Blood Red is so flushed lying anyone looking at him knows he is lying - no one else in the interview tape is so red.…;   Play that tape above twice

There is a Netflix  six part documentary series on the Fourteenth Amendment and the US Constitution on general, that traces the Republican flavor of politics back as far as the party has been always on the unpleasant racist and slavery side of American politics - called "Amend".  It can be found at… and on Netflix as a subscription show at    A further effort in the plethora of political media shows and documentaries is one from CNN - also a six part series named "Lincoln - Divided We Stand" - shows how while Lincoln was a Whig - the early Republican party, he was almost always outside the white power position the Party has always had.  It can be found through CNN or at…;

After this presidential election the Republicans immediately statr introducing bills to restrict voting aiming at people of color.  I mean how much more obvious can thye be??  In todays instant news world - these kinds of things do not go hidden any longer like they once were.  See e.g.… and in today's world people are now just flat out calling out these moves are racist and in the effort to push or maintain white supremacy.   The "Amend" series above and the "Lincoln - Divided We Stand " tells the absolute truth about what is wrong with - and has LONG been wrong with America.

Before people are so quick to call themselves "Republicans" without understanding the history of the party they are affiliating themselves with that is a party that has always been predominately the home of racists in America and this is inescapable   it is pretty simple - if you are not a racist - do not join the Republican party - no matter what other aspects like pro-choice and religion allegedly and other platforms the Republicans claim, at the core they are the still party of America's racists..  That cannot as a history be shaken ever, but to leave the party and start a new one denouncing all the background that is tainted.  Frankly they do not understand why people are so polarized to Republicans and a little review of history lends the truth to the story.  A veery simple and obvious solution, but it took Mr. Trump and January 6, 2021 to blow the party apart by facing its history  into these factions and time will tell how many people want to embrace being called Republican going forward.  Right now "party" lines are actually "Tribal lines" and we will see how many revert to blanket Tribalism without reason to intellect.  But maybe that is the point - intellect is lacking in many Republicans most of who blindly shun science it seems.  Many have already said publicly they will never be part of the Republican Party again.

Nobody with good sense in America is standing behind these lies and manipulations anymore.   To be honest what America needs is an Amendment to the Constitution  to end politician careers at 65 as a mandatory retirement like Federal Judges have, , and make it mandatory that lawmakers have law degrees and licenses to practice law or obtain one before they run for their second term.  That would greatly improve the quality of person who lands in Congress from being some of the idiots that are showing up there now.  Not likely to happen - I know.  But it would weed some ethics and behaviors issues out.  It is time to make displaying a Confederate flag flying an enemy of the state flag and unlawful, because free speech is not hate speech, and for those who want to challenge laws after they are enacted, perhaps they should be allowed to renounce their citizenship and go elsewhere to dispute another government and see where they can land int he world and get away with that for very long and still breath air above ground.

The election was over on the election night - because the popular vote declared a winner, and at this writing it is now a spread of about 7 million votes in favor of VP Biden of 7.5 million total votes. .   Anywhere in the world no one can understand the lunacy of the electoral system.   There has been efforts over the years to modify or abolish it, but to this date no one has described for what it is - unfair.  With 7 million votes in favor of VP Biden, the people have over spoken, and all this electoral college does is ANGER the popular vote winner, because it is a BS path to the looser to be made into the winner.  See for instance 

There are plenty who now recognize that if the electoral college had not worked as it does, Trump would not have been Predicant.  See… where there is a remark made that Trump lost the election in 2016 by 3 million votes - of course the Popular vote.    Five other times this has happened in recent history, and each time it was a Republican President who really just did not serve the Country well in the end.  It happened in the presidential elections of 1824, 1876, 1888, 2000, and 2016.   Additionally, in 14 other presidential elections (1844, 1848, 1856, 1860, 1880, 1884, 1892, 1912, 1916, 1948, 1960, 1968, 1992, and 1996), the winner received a plurality but not a majority of the total popular votes cast.  See…; Frankly a majority of states adopting the National Popular vote to select electors will end this kind of thing forever.

In a summary "fact check" January 17, 2021 as to the seriousness of lies told CNN posted this =>… but more importantly anyone with a sane mind looks at the Republicans  and can relate to them being the "Party of Dumb" and the poster boy so far is newly elected  Senator Tommy Tuberville of Alabama here =>… and then there is Lauren Boebert a 34 year old "waitress" and owner of "shooters Grill" wants to carry a gun to Congress here =>… so much so, that the Speaker instituted a new rule that no guns will be allowed.  See this… so  first up was her communications director resigning.  One cannot imagine what is mentally wrong with these people.

It is more than apparent that these people do not realize they can be expelled from Congress easier than an impeachment as the video above alludes to as a possibility.  While it remains to be seen what the impeachment trial will do, still Trump is likely to be cut off from any further intelligence briefings in the future regardless.  See…

In an edit on January 12, 2021 CNN has a number of summation videos that tell the story, and after them other videos often continue to run.  But here are the most important ones as direct links to them

Republicans knew Donald Trump was going to be bad news . . . .…

Alisyn Camerota shows just how crazy and dumb Trump supporters are…

a particularly lovely fiery blunt well spoken response from Ana Navarro to ANY kind of Trump support further…

and on Trump and his pardons…

and a newly elected crazy GOP  House Republican Lauren Boebert who is literally a waitress/owner of "Shooters Grill" focusing her presence on gun control   It is a good guess a waitress does not have a legal education nor is a lawyer, so is she qualified to even be in Congress??   Now there was a woman in California who owned and ran a Coffee and Bagel shop for ten years - who was a lawyer and then later jumped from her coffee shop to a judgeship - but at least she was qualified. (See )  Not to be outdone Governor Schwarzenegger then simply re-appointed the loosing Judge back to the Bench anyway.  People figured it was due the incumbents'  Russian looking and sounding name.  But those in the law said . . .  anyway . . .…

A favorite on just how hard it is to get a president out when they have gone crazy in office…

and  the sad favorite from Gloria Borger on how all the government officials who are cabinet members that could do something run in the midst of threats to the country…

but finally, the real truth about Trump and his followers - that they are seditionists, and have virtually  left America believing they are in the country of Trump comparing Trump to Jefferson Davis,  with them displaying the Confederate flag and that they should be treated as such…

These links to videos are posted here because they are lost to history buried in the CNN archives unable to be found later unless you know the name of the video - but CNN leaves them up, and the one on Senator  Lindsay Graham calling Trump "a race bating xenophobe" who needs to "go to hell" from 2015 is still up but you need to know where the find it.  

If you think Bernstein is being a bit harsh, read "1918 Germany Has a Warning for America" found at… or the local copy at

America has a genetic problem with the MAOA gene.  The absence of this gene causes irrational and aggressive conduct, and it is prevalent in 66% of Caucasian men.  It is most pronounced usually in persons with low amounts of education.  In women it has the opposite effect and makes then happy.  It both causes and makes for in addition to aggression - also irrationality and gullibility to gravitate towards gang like and cult like association.  These are Trump's supporters.  There is a video documentary called "Born to Rage"  found here => and do your own research but you can start here =>…; See also

These are people who not only will lie themselves to themselves and others, they will  tend to believe the lies of another as a leader especially if they admire that person.  Generically we call it "mental illness". These are people who NEED discipline and direction and if they do not have it - they wander the wrong direction, but worse they resent others doing better than they - and they tend to fail to understand science at all.  These are people who see "fire in their eyes" first and want to fight about anything they are told to do.  Mankind has always believed "competition" is god, but mankind has been wrong - "cooperation" it the only way a civilization thrives and survives.  It wil remain to be seen if this is ever realized.

Here we see all the COVID deniers and  those who refuse to wear masks sort of people.  This election truly finds  the two thirds - 66 % of people in the 74 million who voted for Trump and now want to fight and refuse to let go the election was lost.  These people refuse to see the math - that there is a 6 million vote spread   This is because their leader Trump cannot see the math either.  This is a very serious and seemingly insurmountable obstacle - it is like teaching kindergartners higher mathematics.  Democrats as a group are better educated and hence the term "liberal", but that does not mean many Republicans rejected Trump and still down voted Republican - because they did.  These are the smart and civilized ones who rejected Trump and really did not like what they saw and what Trump was doing to the country - financially, and societally.

These Trump supporters who remain with him  are technically "uncivilized" people.  The definition of a civilization is a group of people  working together towards a common goal normally how to make their scenario better.  These people cannot see any goal - in this case having to do with addressing global warming and climate changes - because it is real and destroying the planet on which we live, and instead they simply want to fight over silliness.  In fact they claim it is a hoax because they lack the intellect and good judgment of understanding the planet on which they live.  Most will never admit they have been manipulated and duped - but they have. 

Instead they want to destroy - and it is moving towards the point they want to destroy the United States of America itself  At some point law enforcement is going to have to see it is a violation of 18 U.S. Code § 2385 also called a Seditious conspiracy.  as outlined at…;  These people are so unwise they are openly preaching it on video.  It is sad and it is stupid - even attorneys are doing this, as one could excuse Trump because he is not a Lawyer and does not understand the legal system of America what so ever, but attorneys should know better.  Every time Mr. Trump says something about law, it illustrates how little he understands about it and he has no clue what other people are hearing what comes out of his mouth.   When the Justice Department changes hands . . .  beware . . .  these Trump supporters if they persist will likely be quenched quickly.  That is a very serious problem and it is real - and it is genetic.

On Nov. 24, 2020, 3:28 AM PST / Updated Nov. 24, 2020, 4:26 AM PST NBCNEWS published and posted an article at…; by Dareh Gregorian which the most relevant quote she prints is ""A source familiar with Trump's thinking told NBC News Monday the president was unhappy . . . [and]  Trump is concerned his team is comprised of "fools that are making him look bad.".  News flash Mr. Trump .  . .  you did that years ago when the first public lie in your candidacy / presidency fell from your mouth, which you then followed with conspiracy theories - and more and more lies.  The mentality and mindset of a liar and bully is something that always is accompanied by an inability to do honest introspection into one's own acts, and that is the more accurate definition of a "fool".  Yes Mr. Trump hired fools for lawyers, because only a fool as a lawyer would ever think they could have pulled off a coup, but more importantly failed to look forward to see the aftermath and should they ever try in the first place.  See for example

The real issue and sad reality is why America ever elected him as President in the first place amid all the warning signs and experts saying Mr. Trump was unstable and with no political career what so ever should never be trusted with the Presidency  as his first political role given his history as a dubious businessman who was never all that successful.  But it turned out he was more so being considered because he was the perfect candidate to pass the baton of the Republican  "dog whistle" of racism into the Whitehouse with, and as a known "Celebrity" from his "Apprentice" TV show, he brought and energized a complete base of an uneducated Caucasian "soa[ opera" following which were the numbers the Republicans knew they needed to take back the Whitehouse. 

Conservatism means "racism" at its very core and the Republicans have been "dog whistling" it for years.  It took the British to put together a complete dissertation and history of how they have through various Presidents and their efforts.  See…;  and in video see a four part Showtime documentary on Ronald Reagan titled "The Reagans" which at this writing can be found at or at (there are four episodes so you may need to manipulate the browser url to get to episode one by changing the last number in  the url)  for free viewing and at .  It shows a long running baton passing of the dog whistle, but that is a bad name, because everyone can hear it too but they just usually say nothing. 

How can you tell you are dealing with racism => here is a good article on it… and today the Republican Party headed by a lying manipulative Celebrity leader like Mr. Trump is more akin to a cult - and even Thomas Friedman called it that.  See… and…

With today's increased media communications access globally and video production capabilities - these kinds of things that once survived  hiding under the rug, are exposed to the light of day now, and Mr. Trump has exposed the character flaw of what the Republican party actually is.   The best thing the Republican party could do now is to form a new party and distance themselves from the "dog whistle" party   Supremacy thinking is a mental illness, a disease of the mind, and we now know 73 million people suffer from it in America.   Anyone who follows a liar, who lies to them straight out and believes what they are being told without following it up to fact check, when they KNOW they are dealing with a liar is either a racist themselves, gullible or stupid. 

We now know, all three traits are genetic and when coupled with the perfect environmental storm growing up produce people like Mr. Trump.  Ask yourself how Mr. Trump could go on for so long refusing to accept reality of the mathematics of the election scenario.??  It is a mental illness to rationally put two and two together rationally - like a drug addict cannot stop.   Well because Mr. Trump cannot rationally count - he has Bankrupted every business he had, and  how he could not see he was making a fool of himself even challenging the election is so  sad.  It is extraordinarily poor judgment, certainly not Presidential material for thinking and certainly not the fault of the fools he hired around him.  But that is what he does - fires the competent expert people in their field  who challenge poor thinking and hire yes people as blind followers.. 

But let us go back to the foolishness of thinking lying as a public figure would get him favor among voters??  So what we have in the election is 6 million more votes for Biden than Trump and many of those are Republican defectors.  How could the head of the GSA be so confused she could not ascertain Trump had lost with a 6 million vote spread ??  Well it is the Electoral College that teaches us really bad math.  Spreads of 20,000 and 10,000 and 13,000 votes are heavier numbers than 6 million.  In fact of course even 150,000 and 80,000 while wider margins are equally ridiculous 

In the early days of the United States, the electoral system was needed to more or less informally gather up the summary of the votes among the landowner voting gentlemen - who even then were not all that literate -  and a person then carried the result to the Congress, but  those days are long, long, gone and so to  should be the electoral system go also

For four days this BS lunacy went on and opened the door to litigation the looser can launch - and Mr. Trump is launching.  he likely will get nowhere - but it should not even be allowed to make a difference as an attempt. 5 million votes says no.

Currently the only requirement to run for President is that you be 35 years old.  This has proven to be a huge an antiquated mistake to elect Mr. Trump based on his celebrity and not require anything as much as a law degree.  This article here in 2019 rang a huge alarm bell.…; One of his professors said he was "the dumbest goddam student" he had ever taught.  His comment about bleach and the coronavirus is really looking more and more like it was not a joke.  It was also equally clear that Trump truly believed that  votes could not be counted after (presumably midnight) of  election night, nor those that arrived within lawful deadlines of each state thereafter.

Republicans have lost their way as to what their party stands for - because all they are left with is largely Racists that support them.  See for more detail  The Republicans need to form a new party and leave behind those who racists - and be firm about it.  Veiled racism is very easy to spot - but the racist cannot see that.  It is couched in "them and us" rhetoric that demonizes but has no solution themselves.   That is the  Republicans modus operandi - and Trump.  Trump set out to destroy what Obama did - instead of modifying and building it to make it better - he wanted to destroy as in to wipe from history the accomplishment of the Obama administration no matter what it was.

Thomas Friedman has called them now a "cult;.  and they are .  See…


This is the FIRST "ILL", of America a sickness that angers its citizens to be explained in greater detail further in is actually the Electoral College..  Rick Santorum, a Republican former US Senator and now CNN Political contributor, in response to Van Jones  on the morning of November 5th, citing this electoral college lunacy and what it allows for in a tie of 269 to 269 in electoral votes, looked up a Pennsylvania law which says in the event of a tie, the State Legislature does not decide and send their own electors, the "popular vote" then controls.  Pennsylvania is one of the few states which has such a contingency law most other states do not.

But never previously in recent history was there an election like in 2016  where Mr. Trump was elected by the electoral college method with a 34 million vote loss to the popular vote.  He was thus never the legitimate President  of the United States many people considered.

With an education in Law Studies and minor in Psychology, I am amazed at how Mr. Trump cannot do introspection to see how he may be the cult leader, - because that is what he is -  but most who are not under his spell of celebrity and snarky charm, cannot stand him and his lies. 

On Saturday November 7  in an early morning interview with a previous Pennsylvania State Senator CNN Anchor Alisyn Camerota  said " from what we have seen it is not in his DNA (Mr. Trump) to accept defeat" to which the Senator then said (or already had said) "look he (Mr. Trump) did this to himself not encouraging mail in voting so it was stupid on his part"... and they just do not realize how accurate their vernacular speak was.  There is a gene that causes profuse lying, and one that causes stupidity - that is to say extreme persistent poor judgment.  Trump appears has them both, and only a sequence of his genome would show that. See e.g. and .   Humans want to think they are the masters of their own domain but the truth is genetics cause instincts one is trapped to and extreme poor judgment - also called stupidity  is one and is one caused by racial intra-breeding within the race of Caucasian, but strangely not Black people - according to the second article.  Inter-racial breeding defeats the stupidity gene it appears.  White Supremacy people do not want to hear that reality.  In another interview with Lieutenant Governor of Pennsylvania when she asked what should Mr. Trump do he responded " I think it looks like he should be hiring a U-Haul to pull up to the Whitehouse."

Yet the 2020 election has puzzled many as to how and why people are so blindly loyal to Mr. Trump.  It is clear Mr. Trump shunned anyone he saw as smarter than he, or anyone that confuses him, he fires them.  The answer is then frankly ugly and scary . The dynamics of Mr. Trump's supporters are that of a 30 million strong cult.  60 percent of humans suffer with the WTF-1 Gene which can result in an over active Supra. Credulus and as those without. College educations are those unable to learn with good judgement, in essence they are gullible to someone else to direct or suggest to them what to do.  To be unable to learn or exercise good judgment is the definition of "stupid" - which most people see as an "ugly" word to use, but clinically that is what it is.   Mr. Trump tells his supporters "big whoppers" and  fairytales to pleasure and appease their brains,.Blindly by his "celebrity" most do not fact check him.   As long as a person of power makes them feel wanted and appreciated they will do nearly anything to rise near the top and get an honorable mention.  The problem is these kinds of followers are rambunctious, and they are the reason the electoral college was originally created - to quell craziness.  See e.g.… and to start.

When the social preference of "conservatism" is added to the mix, people blindly follow their race that "looks like them" and they see nothing wrong with it - but it is - it allows a weak mind to not need to think about  anything outside of its comfort zone.  The DOSE factor.  (see more below)  See for example  and  This coupled with the Nucleus accumbens  of the brain makes for the fear factor in dealing with others "not like us" - i.e. racism .  See and…;  So in short when one has an intelligence gene deficit and poor brain training as a child growing up - that is not taught to rationalize properly - they are a prime candidate  to become a bully and racist.   Which leads to aggression to want to eliminate their fear with violence by killing it.

Humans may or may not have the  MAOA gene –located in the X chromosome- is also known as the warrior gene, since abnormal versions of the gene often result in aggressive behaviors. Several animal models in which the function of MAO-A is defective display excessive levels of serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine (noradrenaline) in the brain   Read more at….

Sadly today these genetic issues above congregate in people of racial inbreeding where it is passed down genetically.  These are the people that are prime for a cult like involvement to belong to a social group that "looks like them"  and acts like them. There is a reason the "blue states" are  East of the Mississippi River and  above the Mason-Disxon line - and West of the Rocky Mountains to the Pacific ocean - which is because the intelligent and intellectual people who can survive the face paced Urban intense atmospheres of diversity live there - while those who fear that reside in the rural small town core of America.  In short those South of the Mason Dixon line to  the Rocky Mountains and in the core of the Country are the remnants of the Confederacy.  Today some of these areas like New Mexico and and metro Georgia - the Atlanta metro area, and Colorado are having an influx of Democrats coming in to do "reconstruction" that got stopped  in 1876   See….

But STILL it is the major cause of a country divided, and will be as long as Confederate views remain allowed in society

Today it is not the caliber of person that moves a civilization forward.  The coronavirus has shown us that other countries took an intelligent approach to follow the science and Mr. Trump instead handled it with rambunctiousness because he likely suffered from a triple genetic deficiency.  Now these Trump followers are going to have to be de-programed and de-legitimized that the America Mr. Trump dog whistled about as a remnant of of the Confederacy  with overtones of Nazi society is actually illegal here in America.

The sad reality is they have an equal vote and an unequal ability to exercise good judgment.  It is the same argument once used to keep Blacks from voting - they were not intelligent enough to make the proper decision - which unfortunately - and up to this day normally meant was to elect a racist.


In the future law should be written to use the 25th amendment prospectively to screen for this mental flaw and further candidates should be required study law and pass a bar exam or be admitted to a bar in one of the states before being allowed to run for president.  This will tend to screen mental issues  In other words, yes it might be time to do genetic screening of Presidential candidates to prevent another election like 2016 in addition eliminating the electoral college system..

What I find more amazing is how Mr. Trump does not see the personal damage he does to himself by lying incessantly.  He cannot help it - it is genetic, and yes there is gene for lying, gullibility, stupidity, and  racism.   To be explained also further in. Mr. Trump is the kind of person who noticed how being a bully and seeking out gullible  and stupid people using cult tactics  are those who will follow him.  An expose warning America about Mr. Trump was done by "Frontline" at the beginning of his Presidency, and recently did another prior to the November 3rd election.  It is found on their website at at and also at     Many Frontline shows are found at

There is a type of extreme lying that does indeed appear to have a strong genetic component. Officially known as "pseudologia fantastica," this condition is characterized by a chronic tendency to spin out outrageous lies, even when no clear benefit to the lying is apparent.  See e.g.…. and and and is often associated with frontotemporal dementia.

For a president of the United States to lie so incessantly and - hear others saying he is a liar, and to keep doing it - is a huge alarm bell.  If it had occurred after the Coronavirus infection, it might be attributed to neurological damage caused by the virus - but since it has always been there - and only worsened since the infection, other things are at play.  People can tell Mr. Trump all day long his behavior is wrong and he will never hear it because of his ingrained narcissism .  Medical; professionals saw this before Mr. Trump was elected and tried to warn of psychological and mental issues but no one listened.

To sum things up, if you voted for Mr. Trump you are either a racist, gullible, or stupid.  You wll not agree, but you cannot see it.    You are likely to be gullible and stupid to a degree.   No rational brained person would EVER follow a LIAR, and blindly believe what he says without checking out his record for truthfulness.  He and the Republican party have sunk the United States deep in 7 Trillion dollars in debt by stealing from the American People and giving tax cuts to the rich.   Do not feel bad - get professional help to explain how you were drawn in so completely.  Mr. Trump uses the tactics of a cult leader and has the power of celebrity to do so.

Racism is  common in all creatures, it is the intelligent creatures  which recognize it and resist it - even snakes are racist towards their own kind and will eat another breed of snake and may even be immune to that breed's venom.  .  Chimpanzees have a murderous society and will kill and eat the babies or another troop of chimpanzees if they come into their territory.    Your measure of intelligence is to recognize how to be inclusive of others not  like themselves.  Gullibility, stupidity and yes racism are all genetic traits, we now know, so the Republicans are basically the party of dumb because "conservatism" is another way to describe racism - but they do not see it that way - most don't anyway. . More articles will go into this deeper.

Conservatism is the alleged cornerstone of the Republican Party, and it generally is pro-life, anti homo-sexual, highly religious - as they believe their religion, and here is where the problem comes - in people that  "look" like them and behave like them.  This goes all the way back to the Puritans - a.k.a the Pligrims.

Today the Coronavirus is showing humanoids that being so "social" can actually kill you.  But we see those who are wise enough to know something dangerous is int he air, versus those who tempt fate.    It is now fact, COVID-19 attacks you based on your Genetics.   In fact "family" and being "social" is NOT a requirement to being intelligent - is in fact the opposite.  People who use their brain instead of being up in someone else's face and being social - are frankly more apt at knowing about themselves and their surroundings.   People who understand the planet on which they live - understand the Coronavirus will likely kill  a million or more in a single year.  (from February 2020)  This is because ignorance and lack of education and an inability to follow common sense pandemic rules and minimize their "social" grief and need to expose themselves in the name of emotion  - can actually kill them and is showing the virus spreading uncontrollably.   The first thing people do not understand is a cloth mask lets the virus right through and hanging the nose outside the mask defeats the entire thing.  A mask is about function not "art" and "fashion" - they have  a false sense of security basically because they lack the intellect to understand the function of a mask.  It is monkey see and say and monkey do.  "I'll just buy this worthless ,mask because it must work because someone is selling it".  If you tell them they are stupid - they are ready to fight - if you tell them you have  COVID-19  - they are still ready to fight.


The Coronavirus and in fact ANY virus and many bacteria are killed by elevating Copper levels in the blood stream and keeping allicin levels high  in the body as a prophylactic. .  See  Not one single "expert" has mentioned this - but that is effectively what Regeneron did with its monoclonal antibodies for Mr Trump and "cured him" by using the true medical version of his "bleach" comment.  Regeneron works by attacking the genetic reorganization of the coronavirus - and nothing else - so steroids were given to keep the body \from attacking the Regeneron itself.   I take 10mg of copper every morning and allicin along with a full vitamin regiment, and I do not even have the mild sinus infection I used to have for three years prior.   I go some kinds of infection several times after going to a grocery store and nd I worried a bit - but within literally four hours it was gone.   It would be a cheap quick solution if someone would explore research into it.  That won't make big pharma any money though.

The truth is no country should have a leader who literally cannot understand science.   Mr. Trump could only understand that Regeneron as a miracle cure from "God", when clearly "God" had nothing to do with it.  Anyone who can see - including his own niece Mary Trump,who wrote the expose book, recognizes Mr. Trump for the 74 year old 5 year old that he is.  Did Mr. Trump really think the country was not becoming wise to him ???  Sadly no - he cannot and could not see it, and thinks he can sue his way to stay in the White House as President.   Almost 5 million people - that is 75 million to 70 million that voted for him, means to any reasonable person the race is lost.  Many Republicans split their own ticket, and voted for Biden on the presidency, and the rest the Republican ticket.  Now that is really bad, and STILL Mr. Trump does not get it, and believes he can sue his way back into the US Presidency 

The real problem is Mr. Trump's cult followers who have been indoctrinated - like Hitler had indoctrinated his SS.  They really cannot see their own lunacy and how they are destroying their lives and future when true law enforcement goes out and finds then all.

The way the Coronavirus works and how it kills is so hard to believe it is naturally occurring - not man made - but also not naturally occurring either.  Humanoids it seems cannot help but want to war and fight with each other - but most do not know genetics determine this also, along with intellect.  George M. Church ( See's%20dating%20app%20proposes,have%20the%20%E2%80%9Cwrong%E2%80%9D%20DNA. ) tried to warn and advise  humanoids that genetic issues would arise in uncontrolled indiscriminate breeding -  and he was attacked for "eugenics" speak.  Did man "evolve" so fast to what humanoids are today - or were humanoids genetically engineered no different than breeding from a wolf to the domestic dog.  So much evidence exists for the latter, but still people exclaim "Oh My God" - like an invisible deity in the sky did this in seven days.  More evidence exists the original primate on the planet Earth was the Gorilla, and all other primates - including humanoids - emanate from that parentage by breeding. 


People want to think they are not simply largely great apes that can talk - but they are.  See  Unfortunately, what people "think they know" and really do not know about their own bodies is what is killing them with COVID-19.  The major difference is that humanoids have a slightly larger brain and an "organized" teaching and learning system which can carry forward wisdom if they use it.  But . . .  most do not.   Most involve fantasy worlds and conspiracy theories to answer and pleasure their brains.  Most refuse  deep education, science  and learning and when the crisis like this arrives - they know nothing to help themselves.   Most humanoids rely on what someone else tells them at their time of need - for instance in this COVID-19 crisis.  What they get told - without doing their own research - is in this case wrong.  They cannot imagine a virus which can modify their DNA or attacks them more so because of their own DNA, and blood type but the coronavirus does just that.  Then the instinct of the ape comes out - running about screaming someone should help them. The real problem is the actual physiological design of the human brain and the supra credulus and nucleus accumbens - the gullible nd crazy centers of the humanoid brain.

This is an ugly thing to say - but the reality is COVID-19 - this version of SARS-2 is going to kill a lot of the worlds population in years to come, and it is here to stay.  Even in the United States - no one is going to help you if you become infected - because frankly the only thing that can help you is YOU.  Your own immune system general healthiness and genealogy.  COVID-19 is a genetic virus - it attacks people of a certain genealogy harder than others - and that is not race, but genealogy.  For instance it is least harmful to people with O type blood and is more harmful to others with A, B and AB types.  See   The SAD reality is the same thing that could protect you from a Common Cold - which is also a coronavirus - could also protect you from COVID-19 - but it is preventative and NOT after you have been actively infected.

Even President Trump took this approach in part when he revealed he took hydroxychloroquine - to prevent any infection from taking hold.  It is not and never was a drug that could treat a post-infection COVID-19 scenario - it is a preventative measure drug to stop the virus from being able to attach to the body's cells.  This is where people much like apes do not know how to think and differentiate the difference in the inner workings  of the human body and how viruses attack it.

Washing your hands ain't it . . . . social distancing ain't it  . . . . quarantining ain't it . . .  wearing a homemade cloth mask that cannot filter the actual virus itself  ain't it . . . while all of those things help, the best defense it to kill the virus and attack it with a hostile environment in your body with a strong immune system and high levels of copper in your blood stream and allicin.

A vaccine may be made eventually - but may also not last long to protect as no Corona Virus vaccine has every been made that does that or the common cold would have a vaccine and it does not.  Even Doctor Anthony Fauci admits he is concerned a vaccine may not have long lasting effects.  See

But what no one is telling most anyone - is that the virus can be or  is persistently infectious in some people - or can reactivate its own infectious viral loading without symptoms showing in its host and even then rapidly kill its host..  See  This means anyone could be walking around with it - and reactivate contagiousness even after recovery - if they even ever had symptoms.

It seems it is OK to die of COVID-19 now in America - so long as you do not take the economy with you. See  In fact many hospitals will turn away COVID-19 people who do not have insurance that allows them to be put immediately on a ventilator.  See and  So COVID-19 is really about medical billing - because the truth is - once on a ventilator - if your body cannot fight off the attack of the virus - you will die - because only remdesivir has shown a hope of slowing the virus once you are  infected and the damage the virus does could leave your lungs forever damaged - and you in need of a lung transplant actually.  See and

The virus is transmitted every way known possible and to temp fate is for those who have monkey brain intellect.  Those people are STUPID . . .  to protect yourself is SMART . . .  as you cannot "spin" your beliefs into reality that you will not get infected.  One you are . . .  even if you do not develop symptoms or you recover it still looks like in some people the virus can "re-activate" itself, infect others and then even kill you quickly like the Spanish Flu - almost overnight.  The various things and positions going on around the world in how the virus is being addressed is both a function of the intellect and education of the local culture and the leaders of the affected areas.  See e.g.  and and


All of this assumes you have the intellect to understand the Coronavirus threat and how to meet it before it meets you.  If all of that is not bad enough . . .  this Corona Virus accesses the genome of your body and may genetically change you and your of future offspring forever.

While the media and news sources want to talk the issue to death - with quotes from those who mention no good advice - beyond "run" from it, we are going to give you the "skinny" on the known truths about the virus and put 2 and 2 together.  See for good reliable source of information

As of April 15, 2020 it is looking more and more like the virus is one that is artificially made and escaped from the lab by infecting a worker there .  See  But it simply does not matter . . .  it is loose on the world now.

The issue is not how many COVID-19 kills - as it is really not much more than "regular" influenza kills, the issue is that it is highly and quietly contagious from asymptomatic carriers and sheds high viral loads into the air easily before ever showing signs of infecting its host - that is IF it even EVER infects the host at all. In fact a healthy appearing younger person may well carry it without knowing it.  All world leaders are at a loss . . .  because there is no anti-viral specifically for it and no vaccine.  In the meantime everyone has lost their minds with stay at home orders like that will stop the virus . . . . it will slow it - but in the end this Corona Virus strain is here to stay, and worse may well mutate as people try to develop any vaccine.  But Copper and Garlic have been killing viruses for 5,000 years and all of today's sophisticated pharmaceuticals  which are not working and are more a part of the health for profit billing healthcare system than the real solution it seems with COVID-19.  See and the comments all of which are a political us vs them reaction and

The virus is the enemy - not each other, but what no one realizes is this virus is so easily transmitted, that the entire "social" existence of mankind my have just ended for anyone with good sense as any one could be carrying it - or the next version of it.  Sports events, concerts, movie theaters church gatherings and even going to the grocery store will forever be changed.  See and and   There is nothing political about this virus and the sad truth is mankind - the scientists - has been wrong so many times about what the virus is doing or will do, the only thing that can be said is we know it is a virus type that accesses the genome of its host, and that normally means it could also be a genetic attacker or modifier  as well.  Before it invades you Copper and Allicin is your best  inexpensive and effective shot at stopping it cold, and the solution is cheap and available without the cost of a doctor visit or prescription and is not a dangerous pharmaceutical drug with side effects as Mr. Trump is promoting  which one person in Arizona  already tried to self medicate with and resulted in the husband's death and the wife hospitalized.

The second and third episodes of the documentary *How the Universe Works documented the ridiculous challenge of a manned mission to Mars and the third episode largely politely concluded Extraterrestrials have not visited us to communicate with the world because "we are likely not that interesting" a nice way to say most of humanoids are dim-witted.  See and.

If you do not believe Global Warming caused by Man is real - go watch this episode of NOVA (Season 47 Episode 1) - a two hour well presented documentary at also found at  and then if you do not believe then you simply lack the intelligence to observe reality caused by empirical scientific  facts.  Only a rapid switch to Hydrogen fueling will halt and reverse the warming cycle.

Man has convinced himself he is smart - but the truth is man is one of - if not  the most - rebellious and backwards and lazy thinking creatures on the planet.  Man has a rational brain he himself teaches to think and the instincts that do exists are conflict oriented and murderous to most everything around him.  If man's domesticated animals - any one of them from the horse to the cow to the dog and most every creature in general behaved like man does - man would label it hostile and kill it.  The common dog is one of the smartest creatures that is a multifaceted thinker on the planet.  See - which is NOVA Season 47 Episode 2.  Man thinks because he has language and can manipulate tools and drive vehicles is makes him smart.  It does not.  In fact the opposite is true.  The NOVA episode above Season 47, Episode 2 documents how the domesticated dog was created from the Wolf and chronicles how a handful of Genes - we as humans call "Williams Syndrome" makes he Dog friendly,loving and loyal.  Conversely while Genes can cause intelligent  friendly, loving and loyal behaviors - Genes can also cause dim-witted, aggression, narcissistic and anti-social warring behavior.   Many humans unknowingly have now in-bred themselves into and upon the latter.  It must be noted that the canine brain, handles logic and reasoning better than the primate brain upon which the human brain is "built" and based.  At the core however humanoids are simply an upright walking talking primate - an ape.  It is interesting that scientific and math oriented types are usually not hostile, while  an aggressive hostile human is usually rather dim-witted.  There are genetic issues in the human brain - much lke the differences in the Wolf vs the Dog.  The trouble is 90 percent of humanoids have the aggressive gene and only barely 10 percent are docile forward thinkers.

Now this is a bit of a "hokey" documentary, but =>  and  truly explains the genetic mess man has created by indiscriminate breeding.  Also found at  and now at   Everything from genetic illnesses humans keep passing on to behaviors they themselves as humans do not understand.  Females may make up 51 percent of the US population, but barely 20 percent of engineering sciences professionals and most of them quit to raise families anyway.  See among others e.g.  - but the real truth is it is not in the feminine nature to think to design and build things . . . . because being able to do math is not a manner of a designer or builder by itself.

This not good as females have convinced themselves and many others through the use of broadcast media via TV shows that emotion and getting into other people's "business" is important when it is the opposite - it is a lot of talk which will not - and does nothing to solve the myriad of conditions facing the humanoid existence caused by over population and sex.


A few who have amassed wealth have "purchased" high technology thinkers and are making technological strides with the aid of computers and artificial intelligence does not necessarily mean that humanoids are smart - because truth is most are not smart nor forward thinkers.  Most humans simply copy something they see someone else do - or say often blindly.  No one has an answer to offer for how largely homo sapiens just "appeared". versus proof of an actual evolution in a matching time-line.  Humanoids it appears were engineered from existing primate stock on the planet and the instincts and intellectual limitations are locked in solid - creating a class of beings who copy one another and think more of themselves  as a whole than is the true case for intellect.  Then some of the brains fall completely apart as in "FTD" and many others suffer a more mild form of intellectually stunted growth - part from environment and failure to teach and inability in some to learn.

First, more damaging than fossil fuel burning is the meat industry.  See     50 percent of crops grown go to livestock feed, and worldwide cattle emit more methane and carbon dioxide than all the vehicles on the planet.  Deforestation of the Rain Forest is increasing at an alarming rate   to the point soon there will not be enough Oxygen production for all life on the planet.  In the meantime extraterrestrials quietly visit and take water from the planet and human kind in is in such denial and a warring murderous mindset peppered by the love of sex to reproduce, at no time soon will anyone do anything to curb this until likely too late.  The problem in the human brain and the belief that simply because humans can use technological things  they know technology when they do not.  They do not even understand the planet on which they live.

Humans seem to mistake being "social" as a good thing - when it is NOT.   every moment of being social is a waste ot time to being a better more intellectual species.  There is a rather revealing  article "When it is good to be antisocial" at is an article - using bee society that has a conclusion that being social consumes far too much energy - and that is a direct correlation in the human world that humans talk too much. Probably if humans could not talk there would be standard ways of communicating more so more definitively world wide. Right now only scientists and engineers speak a common language of mathematics which is at the core what mankind has built a civilization upon by the few who use it.

This series has blamed the human brain and genetic mismanagement for man's faults of aggression and inter-fighting for its slow progression for all the time man has been on the Earth. At the core beside the genetic issues are the human brain structural issues of which the Supra credulous is at the core. It decides what the human brain believes and stores as a basis for continuing and future thought processes. Hence the truism garbage in garbage out as to how some people think. Yet mankind does not concentrate on filling its rational brain with the truth but the opposite instead and pure fantasy most believe as the truth. Religion and its power is the best example.

More importantly humans are breeding themselves into chaos.  There are so many genetic issues being bred into the species - no one sees it but a few.  One of the ugliest is called "FTD" which is short for frontotemporal dementia, which is a form of dementia that occurs when the frontal lobes of the brain begin to shrink (or “atrophy”). Experts estimate that it is responsible for 10%-15% of dementia cases.  In essence the brain shrinks an eventually the subject will die.  It is genetic.  See e.g.  and for an expose see "60 Minutes" Season 52 Episode 18 - available also at as well as "CBS All Access" via their cell phone app.  The "funny" thing is - their is a genetic test for it to avoid ever giving birth to ff spring or breeding with a carrier.  This is but one of a plethora of genetic conditions growing in the "wild" of the indiscriminate breeding based on looks in the population of the humanoid species, and the medical costs and burden are going to grow if not checked in the future.  Note also in the same 60 Minutes broadcast the melting permafrost issue - where most initially scoffed and now sse the urgency.

But . . . it is "par for the course" as Humans live in a complete fantasy world.  All forms of entertainment involve imagination  normally in which in no way occurs in reality and is commonly violent involving forms of killing one another or imaginary creatures and beast man might become.  Humanoids revel in the  the tools of war they create.   It is all largely not intellectually educational at all, and most people refuse to think in rational educational ways.  .  When reality is thrown in their face they turn to rationalized fantasy  to avoid it.  When Geneticist George Church on 60 Minutes postulated that careful genetic breeding could eliminate many of the world's genetic  breeding ailments to ugly diseases could be prevented by more careful genetic looking and breeding like through a dating app  - he was met with flames and claims of eugenics  like Copernicus was. scolded about his round world and solar system theory he was eventually proven to be correct about.  See )  and  and  How dare he be responsible in thinking and breeding.for mankind ??  Yet Global Warming is so real Venice Italy is going under water from sea levels rising - but still the world does not seem to get it.  See


A major volcanic eruption could occur at anytime and plunge the world into a min ige age again, and not one is ready for that. Most people tend to not think about a bigger picture of life, but there is huge Asteroid named “Apophis” coming straight at Earth and if Earth as a whole does not get its head out of its rear end to do something about it – it could strike as early as 2029 if it is pulled off its present course by another unseen celestial body exerting a gravitational force on it to alter its orbit, but in 2068 by all calculations it will strike Earth and it is the size of the Empire State building round and is an iron laden rock.  It could end life on the planet  and if it strikes somewhere like Yellowstone or Iceland where the Earth’s mantle is thin it will cause an eruption of molten rock and hydrogen sulfide gases that will poison the atmosphere and choke life to death.  Your children will see this – even if you do not.  See and and if you do not have concern about that, then we are killing our own planet with the Beef and Meat industry alone.  Again see   “Meat: A Threat to Our Planet?” . . .  and of course one can toss both those issues aside and look to Artificial Intelligence – and Computers as an issue – are they making us smarter or dumber ??  See also   Humans actually flew to the Moon with pencil, paper and a slide rule, yet today indiscriminate breeding has mankind relying on tools and electronic  toys that require little of no skill or thought.   See e.g.   ( A YouTube original series ) And . . .  today people just “play” in all ways possible and it has become a “recreation”,  “sex” and “social media” world of hollow thinking and reliance on computers to think that humans mistake use of as a tool to believe Mankind is very smart.  Most Humans are not.   Yet the really smart ones quietly come up with the innovations that direct and save the planet.  It is not all about “playing in the mud”.  Even if Man solves those two issues above, smarter minds and ways of thinking are needed.  Breeding and causing genetic defects by not looking first will become inexcusable as over-population of the planet  grows  larger.  The fact is instead of trying to fix things after the fact, a more preventative approach should be taken – that includes making efforts to stop burning fossil fuels and develop systems that recycle renewable fuels.  Aside from also destabilizing the Earth’s crust – oil removal from the ground is a resource that will not replenish in addition to leaving voids that can cause Earth movements and quakes.  For instance something as ugly as “ALS” – which is currently argued as to whether it is genetic or not – tends to each day – pointing to a genetic culprit more and more just as Alzheimer’s disease is.  The more people indiscriminately breed, the more chance there are hidden Genetic conditions one will pass on and be inbred into their off spring.

Humanoids have a backwards thinking process but they think it is fine.

Most people have not seen or know of the horrors a bad genetic issue can be, and shows like “The Body Bizarre” ( see or is chock full of examples of how bad it can be.  Then there is the woman who bought autism prone sperm from a  sperm bank that produced two highly unmanageable autistic children such that it destroyed her same sex relationship and left her even loosing her job. Google “autism sperm” or “donor h898”   See e.g.

The list goes on and on.  Sadly a website needs to focus on these to show the WORLD to shut up . . .  it can be really ugly and we need this.  We need to stop indiscriminately breeding in genetic defects for and spreading these issues by not looking at what we are about to do.  The truth is there are so many people afraid of finding they have a genetic issue that should not be passed on – they do not want to know – or anyone else either – until they then see what they did in creating an offspring.  Then they re-think . . .

Body Bizarre has a few episodes where people outright say they regret passing on a defect to their children (who will then pass it on again) – but there are others who did not care – they just so selfishly wanted to have a child for “themselves”.  Then there is the early onset  genetically guaranteed Alzheimer’s towns of South America from the single Spanish Conquer, and the sunlight sensitive skin cancer town of the same.

A six episode show on the discovery channel entitled "Why We Hate"  ( )  shows that between Chimpanzees and Bonobos - the Chimps are murderous and actually cannibalistic and the Bonobos are not they are harmonious and completely social.   At this writing the show as a series can also be found at  The real focus is the genetics of the brains of each species and for humans too, though no one is looking seriously at the grandiosity of that genetic defect in man.   One cannot tell the difference easily between a Bonobo and a Chimp by looking at them and so too is the case for violent humanoids.    It is there - the genetic defect - and it is the reason far and above conditioning issues.  In breeding women have sought out this trait not knowing what they believe is protection in the world is breeding defects in their offspring.

But if you have not figured it out by now - the primate brain is a defective one, and that  is the humanoid brain.  At its core is a region called the supra credulus - which basically is the control center to storage of rational thoughts and memories..  Most humanoids struggle with the simple tasks of life like driving a car.  Humanoids find things to chatter incessantly about and ask things they really don't want a truthful answer to. 

There is an article at entitled "Why You can't Trust Yourself".  It explains the flaws of the primate brain from a psychology "word based" perspective, and it largely correct - but the real issue is the "biological" perspective of how the brain actually works.  At the core of the brain is the flawed "supra credulus" and if one does not learn to - or has been genetically gifted with a weak supra credulus that makes them instead look at reality -  is what causes gullibility and fantasy thinking - then all of it becomes about "social interactions" because essentially people do no trust themselves and run to others for validation - as wrong too as that is also.  Shows like "Dr. Pimple Popper" and "My Feet are Killing Me" illustrate how much people look away and allow a simple problem to get way out of control - then requiring medical intervention because they did not think how to solve their own medical problem at an early stage. 

This is a largely educational flaw of the rational brain . . . and it is taught by a flawed educational system going back to parents who feel they must always be superior in thinking to their offspring.  It is sad when one thinks about it.  Offspring are actually usually scolded for forward thinking by parents who feel they must be superior an in charge no matter what - trying to "protect" the child - with things like lying and hiding truth - when what it really does is form quiet mistrust in the offspring.  Oh wow - Santa Claus - is one of the worst things that could have been institutionalized.  A huge lie - that when children discover the scope of the National lie it was - affects them in many ways.  But mankind has convinced itself it is "smart" - sure many enjoy the technological achievement of others - but know nothing of it themselves and in fact it being taught is shunned for the sake of commercialization and making money off others.

Humanoids are an interesting species in that all humanoids except identical twins look different.  This a root of all of mankind's problems.  It could be said that all dogs are members of the canine family evolving from the wolf  and all those breeds look different too - but all of humanoids are primates - and in the sub species Homo Sapiens of the primates only Homo Sapiens walk, talk and are advanced enough to have build a mechanical, technological civilization.  In the reality of the brain, the Human brain 's design is not that much different from all primates, and the behaviors of both are so similar it could be argued they are identical - minus the talking and education.  

The problem is the way the primate brain works is by emulating and repeating examples it sees and stores in memory.  A further problem is genetically all humanoid primate brains are not created equally.  Some are more violent in genetic nature than others, some have a tendency to addiction to drugs that mimic the natural hormones of the brain and others have a tendency to respect reality and be less gullible due the supra credulus, and others harbor serious terrible genetic diseases that can be transmitted in offspring.


The time has come for genetic study to straighten out these humanoid anomalies - yet humanoids insist on breeding based on "looks" of one another - and even "race" of one another.  Worse the reality is humanoids insist on teaching themselves things that are irrational like homosexuality and they try to justify their hate for one another based on tribalism and skin color.

There are four major chemicals in the humanoid brain that influence humanoid attitudes (DOSE):

  1. Dopamine
  2. Oxytocin
  3. Serotonin
  4. Endorphins.

NONE of these are friends of humanoids, and then worse there is the supra-credulus which can be be said is the "fantasy center" of the humanoid brain.  You can find many web sites which seek to explain how these hormones affect the acts of humanoids, but that is the point - these hormones cause behaviors not the logic of what would be a defect free brain.    Season 6 Episode 3 of "Madam Secretary" a CBS TV series that can be found at dealt with the hypothetical unleashing of Artificial Intelligence to do the war bidding for humanoids.  Much like the movie trio of "The Terminator" it is true that the logic of a computer would eventually come to the conclusion that the DOSE defect in the humanoid brain would mean humanoids should be wiped out as they are unrepairable but for serious and rigorous genetic reconstruction which would take as many ages as recorded history of the existence of humanoids on Earth exists.  The act of an artificial intelligence algorithm would be to classify by genetic  make up of humanoids as found first on a cases by case basis and simply destroy those with the defect.  It is not JUST the DOSE hormones, but the individual genetics of the humanoid brain itself which intensify the problem along with the social learning of humanoid societies where one is located.

The "Madam Secretary" episode 3 of Season 6 as a TV show and Terminator movies are correct.  The Extraterrestrials are not like humanoids in the brain department for if they were they would have destroyed what they created in this huge blunder eons ago.  The general belief is these DOSE chemicals "help" humanoids - but the reality is that is exactly backwards.  See to start and  There is no proof or saying that the absence of the DOSE will not make humanoids more logical - because being "social" is actually not "logical".  To do one's own bidding - more so with their own mind is better.  An individual learns more concentrates better and reasons better.  These articles above are examples of the humanoid brain filling reality of the unknown with fantasy as one wants it to be.

The sad truth is mankind in his civilization teaches monstrosity in its history it adopts so proudly as wars and murderous traits.and in its broadcast media today even though largely fantasy.  Today broadcast media - as in TV shows are broadcast and re-broadcast via internet sites world-wide.  The so called "holy war" is about this at its core even though itself it is a  monstrosity act in itself.  With a "rational brain" mankind learns from seeing others do an act, and there is a violence gene that causes this as well as a gullibility gene.  Man breeds based on "looks" and the genetics of ugliness and monstrosity have thus spread far and wide.   Then it is taught by society and reinforced every day as a standard way of doing business.  Mankind cannot hide behind the word "evolved" as those these things just magically happen.  They do not.

Humanoids have never looked at themselves for defects.  Never looked at their true history and analyzed the scenario for the truth.  So let it be assumed there was no time for evolution of humanoids - which there was not.  Let it be looked at that technological advances came so fast and could only be with outside assistance - and then look at the road ahead.

Imagine being a child of Sputnik, and then growing up with the technological revolution of man only to be disappointed to discover how intrinsically error prone mankind is that leads to tragedy because of how man thinks - or it should be said "doesn't think".   Today it has been discovered largely how the brain works and coupled with the rational brain nature of building memories which most people mistake with original thought.  Man has now entered the age of coming genetic enlightenment - and soon hopefully words like "God" and "evolution" will begin to melt away.  Not likely though.   A technological civilization is based on fact and science, and there really is no gray area for "God" and "evolution".  The Chinese has have had the guts to begin reengineering the humanoid.  Many people disagree and say that they are "Playing God", but that is only said because it is on a humanoid or a primate.  If it were a canine - a dog - it would just be a "new breed".   With today's gene editing abilities now someday - someone - will rebuild the humanoid genome  to eliminate all of man's "bad genes" - like aggression and gullibility and of course the medical horrible anomalies caused by genetics - and there are a plethora of them -  which frankly came from the primate and the mix of another extraterrestrial source so many do not "believe" exist as true and valid  - and the ape - as the background of man.

Humanoids have a primate brain that must be taught how to think, and a genetic defect in the inferior supra credulus.  

In addition to that this genetic flaw is the cause of also a social flaw.  

Finally the form of raising offspring by coddling them makes the problem worse - not better.  

And in the end the process of reproduction is one that is selfish and gone about in the wrong ways counter to genetic therapy and selection WHICH TODAY IS NOW POSSIBLE. 

The human brain is not what it was meant to be.  Today genetic sequencing can fore tell troubles and can help deselect troublesome genes that should be eradicated no different than was smallpox.   Something should be done to increase the cranial capacity and learning systems 

The problem id of course much of the world is ethically opposed, and another large part is just uneducated completely.  The vast majority however believe in an invisible deity - commonly called "God" and people say they do not want to "play God".

If it were a new breed of dog, the effort would be fine.

But the biggest impediment is the humanoid society itself.   The ways of thinking which allow and encourage aberrant behavior like homosexuality and transgenders by surgical means poison societal mental health.  Technology is an excuse NOT to learn and develop thinking in the brain.

Medically speaking, all the genetic anomalies of humanoids do not seem to exist in other creatures of the Earth, and even in man's closest relatives, the great apes.

If Gorillas existed as the original primate and then other lesser primates appeared, study - deep study - needs to be done into why and how genetically against today's humanoids.

The genes we know of - and are finding more each day - are invaders of mankind then they should be under full on assault to eradicate.  Those for aggression and combativeness and conniving natures  - which is just aggression in another form, and all the medical ones which should be suppressed by breeding - and by law if needed and replaced with those for intellect and placidity and community.

Nearly 8 Billion people on the Earth and many say it is over populated already.  One thing is for sure - only a small handful of those people are scientifically productive thinkers.  What is the value of the rest to advancing a civilization ??  When there are too many animals in a herd - man "culls" the population of that herd.  You connect the dots . . .  is there a cause  for concern . . .  what would logic dictate ??