The supporters of Mr. Trump

The Trump supporters really do not care about - nor really know much of the actual value or harm of the things Trump promised and did affects humanity, they are interested in following him for racial and hate mongering reasons largely.  But why . . . ??  A Documentary entitled "Why We Hate" found at explains it if you watch all six episodes.  But more so . . . 

The United States has a genetics problem in that it is one of the few regions on Earth that is re-settled  by Humanoids from across the globe, most notably Europe  as to the Caucasian version of the humanoids.  Europe is where it is now known the Neanderthal  came from which interbred  with humanoids that came out of Africa.  Neanderthal  DNA is found in varying amounts in primarily Asian and European  - notably southern European and Asian regions from about .3 to 2 percent.  Neanderthals were notably large and muscular but not very intellectual and it is believed this is why they actually became extinct .  For whatever reason females are drawn to instinctively want to mate with large males - even among the apes. 

Science today with the mapping of the genome of apes and humans have found humans are essentially great apes from Africa.  In other words humans ARE apes too.  However the intermix of Neanderthal DNA makes that human a bit different.  See…; but still humanoids ALL are simply Great Apes.  See…


Is this an old man or a great ape?? - It is an orangutan named "alba" - for "albino" - looks human with a white skin face ??

It turns out that Neanderthal DNA does not tend to make people smart, but rather fearful of others who they know are smarter or superior in some way they can see.  Their Neanderthal instinct is to kill it - or control it     Now it does not need to   Neanderthal in all the followers, they just need to be gullible enough to be led.  Most no one knows yet, of their DNA     makeup but those trained in recognition of traits, physiologically - a Neanderthal is as recognizable as is Down's Syndrome  and Williams Syndrome.   Neanderthal DNA tends to make people gullible to racism instead from this fear of someone "not like them" - and this is unfortunately the Republican platform - "conservatism" 

Today education is mandatory in the United States which masks some of the natural  tendencies of people with Neanderthal DNA, but when awakened and egged on by mental control of another it shows.  Neanderthal behavior is thought to be both juvenile in intellect  and aggressive.  It is the same plain stupid mob behavior seen on January 6, 2021 by those who stormed the US Capitol building, and then actually took pictures of themselves and thought it would change anything in the election and they would not be caught and prosecuted.  So yes one could go as far to say that the 74 million people who voted for Trump have genetic mental deficiencies in what and how they think.  That comprised with their environmental teachings can make an explosive combination when they are sucked into a cult like presence of a Celebrity Leader.

Those of us who do not suffer from the Neanderthal complex - even if we have Neanderthal DNA, wonder what is wrong with these people.  If you are not part of the solution you are part of the problem.  First one needs to be able to understand the problem. You start with the pinnacle of needs.  Food, clothing and shelter.  Under shelter is air to breath.  Under food is either competition for air to breath or symbiosis of air to breath.  Livestock - especially cattle compete with food and air to breath - while plant life is symbiotic to air to breath. For instance on a mission to Mars we would not take livestock because they would compete with air to breath as well as food and water to consume.

Here below is what modern man looks like with Neanderthal DNA - Josh gates - on the right did an episode where he had his genome sequenced and the first thing the guy who did it said - was "you're Neanderthal", you have a high percentage of Neanderthal DNA.  Now that is not a surprise to anyone in forensic anthropology because he has the physical characteristics and it is shown in the comparison of him in the photo to the other guy.  Gates is fit and is 6 foot 2 inches, and 200 pounds, a big guy, and his head is slightly larger also.  Josh has a higher education degree.  According to his Wiki page Gates was born in Manchester-by-the-Sea, Massachusetts and resides in Los Angeles, California. He attended Tufts University in Medford, Massachusetts, co-majoring in archeology and drama.  See  It is not known if he is a Trump supporter but he is mentioned only to show how  Neanderthal DNA surfaces in modern humans. 

Josh Gates and example of modern day Neanderthal DNA in man.

In Gates' show Expedition Unknown: Revealing Our Ancient Ancestors  Season 8, Episode 4 and 5 he discovers he has Neanderthal DNA, and while Josh appears surprised, the researcher is not.  Gates height, girth and head size are dead give-sways.  The average height of humans is 5 foot 7 for men and 5 foot 2 for females - like the guy next to him.  This does not mean much on its own one way or the other, because a top geneticist in the field is George M. Church is 6 foot 5 inches, and a search George M Church neanderthal dna will yield a fiery storm or articles about Neanderthal and DNA because everyone wants to grow by cloning what a baby  Neanderthal would actually look like and be at birth because they came from the plains of Europe and not out of Africa. and science in general cannot seem to come up with a reason they went extinct.  See  Gates however is not the full on Neanderthal because he has a larger forehead area like most humans.  It is what Neanderthal DNA does to the thought process if the brain is  not properly trained and educated  is what matters, but still research shows most cannot handle complex thought on their own.  Now America literally has 50% of its population - and likely more like 66% percent with this genetic feature.  That along with low education levels explains the vote.

There is this diversion to Neanderthals because  we now know Neanderthals are believed to have been stockier than modern humans, with shorter legs and bigger bodies. Many scientists also have considered Neanderthals kind of dumb, a less intelligent branch of the human family tree that eventually was replaced by the smarter and more agile Homo sapiens.  See…. but  Neanderthals had a mutation in this receptor gene which changed an amino acid, making the resulting protein less efficient and likely creating a phenotype of red hair and pale skin. (The reconstruction below of a male Neanderthal by John Gurche features pale skin, but not red hair) .  See…

But this digression is because Neanderthals are thought to be easily manipulated and while intelligent they are slow to independent thought and thinking logically - in other words easily gullible or excitable without an ability to look further and discover for themselves.  See…; This is the typical Trump supporter if they are told something over and over they will believe it forever because they cannot see how the truth makes sense to them - like counting how votes are fairly spread but so greatly beat the Trump number across the country. 

The real problem is people are trying to hide their secessionist leave me be I don't want to pay taxes for the entire country mentality which is  unwanted until they NEED it like with a COVID vaccine.  See  a slow moving none-sense type documentary explains  how this is their thinking way  called "The Monopoly on Violence" found at and then see "The Planet of the Humans" which pretty much explains that their is no "Alternative fuel" scenario  that can decrease global Warming but to decrease the Population of planet Earth and start eating more planet based foods  to stop the competition for air and pollution caused by farming livestock for food.  See    This largely true but Hydrogen is not mentioned in the equation and is the real only hope - ALONG with the that above. 

This is not a platform of reality  Trump not his supporters ort  can even begin to understand or "believe", but the science shows it is true.  Because NOVA shows us in the documentary "Can We Cool the Planet" at just how big a job this is going to be that needs to start now.   Instead Trump supporters are in fantasy land with conspiracy theories trying to destroy the government of the4 United States to replace it with - nothing that makes any other form of rational sense - but racism and some kind of an exclusionist.  government that cannot exist because there would be insufficient taxes to keep it going in the real world. 

Mr. Trump has increased the national Debut to at least 7.8 Trillion dollars - BEFORE COVID hit.  See and "Under Donald Trump's Watch, the National Debt Increased by $7.8 Trillion"…; So Republicans lie about fiscal responsibility and certainly are the "Party of Dumb", when re-fueling the world and America would be the biggest and best thing to do for mankind's existence on Earth.  But STILL the reality is one day over-population will still need to be dealt with - and right now COVID is doing that partly for us. 

The coronavirus - like most all coronavirus does not leave a lasting immunity  in the body beyond a few months to at best a year, so it will continue to kill worldwide and vaccinations will likely never catch up, work for long, or overtake the virus as it mutates.  The smart people who learn to stay clear of others and protect themselves will be the ones who survive, and make no mistake it will be the "smart" ones who understand and stay protected from the invisible enemy.   For the others they will suffer brain  damage, and genetic damage the virus causes, and it is highly likely Trump himself has COVID psychosis from both his age and the bout with the disease.   See more at  See also…. and and and…

So Trump and his supporters chase conspiracy theories and here is hard science - they cannot get - in their heads.  That is just plain Stupid - and that makes them dim-wits and dumb. Stupid is an inability to make good decisions, "dim-wit" is slow to put two and two together, and dumb is the inability to do so at all.  Most any reference to "long-haulers" on the Internet will bring up Hundreds of articles on what people have discovered and are now hiding.  

Most as born are never taught what they are or where they are.  People have been taught they are the top of the food and intellect chain. They are - we are wrong.  The Beluga whale is probably the most intelligent mammal,  an Octopus arguably has nine brains and ants and bees the most intelligent and comprehensive societal insects in the world.  But because man has appendices with hands and vocal skills to comm, and an ability to mimic others and some improve on it we think we are smart and intelligent. Humanoids are still just Apes - and suffer from the monkey see, monkey do instinct of the Apes.   In short they have little independent thought -not so but for perhaps 5 percent.  No one wants to believe it - but it is scientifically proven as true.

There are few other creatures on the planet which will kill their own kind just for coming across  them in passing, and snakes have a few other species that will actually eat a smaller,  but most only humans will refuse to live in a community peacefully.  The next closest one that will kill and eat their own kind like this when coming upon a strange troop,  is the chimpanzee.  See for instance a Documentary entitled "Why We Hate" found at (their are six episodes and you have to manipulate the browser to change through them) and  found at   The show starts with our apes origins and then shows it is basically still just tribalism we keep teaching ourselves whether it is a sports team, skin color or culture we come from.  The most dangerous is the cult like brain washing.  That is Trumps supporters circling largely around race by today skin color mostly.

At the core is the fact they seem to know they are lest intelligent, and this is where the shun of science comes from. The rest learn by mimicking others, and the problem starts here.  If one has no clue how oxygen that sustains life will compete and co-exist with noxious pollution and greenhouse gases detrimental to all animal life then they cannot help with a solution they do not believe is needed.  When Mr. Trump visited the American research facility for the coronavirus vaccine for Moderna at the the National Institutes of Health where the lead scientist what a young Black female, either he did not know she was at the lead of it, or he resented it because he would not even look at her.  See…;  However it was a female in Britain the Brits claim actually developed the AstraZeneca version which is cheaper and needs no serious freezing storage or transport systems  or refrigeration and is and is just as effective with ONE dose.   over a weekend in her pajamas that made the first actual vaccine which became the Maderna version.  See Panorama 2020 Episode 49.   She says it was done in 48 hours  by January 30, 2020.  See  Panorama tells the full story - but in no case was either  developed in /America under Trump's lead.

The coronavirus is here to stay - and it is mutating and Trump supporters are not smart enough to focus on what is important.  Even the great Apes can get it and spread it.  See…; where Gorillas at the San Diego zoo caught it from asymptomatic zoo keepers.  What these Trump supporters and most people do not get is you can spread the coronavirus and be perfectly healthy.  The AstraZeneca  vaccine worked well in young  people, less so in older people, and better in lower doses than a high dose, and while they are scratching their heads to as to why, the answer is obvious - young people have more  ready and accessible vitamins and minerals the body needs to make the B and T-cells needed to be ready and able to attack the virus and older persons do not - unless they are taking  serious vitamin, mineral and amino acid supplements daily. .  Partly this si the fault of the media and Government for not stressing this strong enough.

Suddenly it looks more human  . . . 

Humans come from the stock of the great apes and since it is apparent that no where near enough time passed for natural evolution, man was genetically engineered no different from the domestic dog or cat from the great capes using viral genetic engineering like we are seeing with  COVID-19.  See   Make no mistake this SARS-COV-2 is also a wild gene therapy virus. We call the people who are most affected by genetic modifications, "long haulers" and we see neurosis from it but this is not new. See and  and But make no mistake the human brain at its core has the same decision making neurological structure of the Nucleus accumbens (. See as a starter and. supra credulous as do most primates.  ( See and and

There is some genetic evidence that human brains differ greatly based on the genome of the person.  While generally  people do not want to believe" this - it is absolutely true.  It is the reason some people simply can never "get" higher mathematics, and at the bottom is the ability to understand complex notions of what makes the earth habitable.  Sadly this is where Neanderthal DNA is inferior of the type of brain they had - and in the great apes comparing the great ape brains to human brains - largely the major difference is the ability to speak because the location of the vocal cords other than physical characteristics and the so-called "warrior gene".

Collectively we call this gullibility and it is also the faith center of what one chooses to believe when they cannot think in terms complex enough to figure it out - it is then "magic" or "God".   This is where the Republicans and Democrats fundamentally clash because on blind "re-tweet" they believe there is an actual "GOD" and in many ways scientific research is playing God and life is sacred in the womb but afterwards all is fair in love and war to kill to protect themselves from others not of the same beliefs.  Of course they have little actual clue to understanding the actual origin of religion.  See these two videos as documentaries. and this episode titled "the forbidden Bible" at ( Both shows 45 minutes also found on ) 

 The apparent reality is man is a failed interbreeding effort to colonize the planet and try to teach the ape hybrids morality and how to begin using the rational brain of increased capacity the interbreeding had created but what came out was the instinct to fight with one another be murderous and pleasure themselves with sex and dominate one another.  This is the story of mankind.   Every time some one throws the word "god" out of their mouth is just an excuse for not pursuing what the scientific truth really is - or what evidence shows is more likely the tactual truth of the matter.  As the show Ancient Aliens as a true documentary always says"the proof is before our eyes" - and several episodes deal exactly with the Bible and its origins of how it dovetails into what the show researches and shows, including "missing" books of the Bible - which proves the case  Of course you do not believe it despite ancient artwork everywhere that shows this as the reality.   But "God" won't explain it either at all.  but if you look at the Wolf, and know that every dog on the planet is related, you must see that genetics can cause lots of things from a Dachshund  to a  Great Dane.  And that is the gambit of what HUMANS have bred from the wolf.      See or  and apes are no different - literally anyone could do it with advanced knowledge like humans have now today - we could do it too - and that is the Neanderthal argument over cloning .  Trump and his supporters cannot think this deep without the word "God" coming from their mouths to derail the discussion, but no one says that about any other animal breeding including dogs which is absolutely no different.

In America so many things had been done to make it hard for minority people to vote - the most prominent being the lack of polling places and so few voting machines many times resulting in long lines and wait times in a line that mail in voting caused by COVID-19 became the great equalizer.  Barbara Boxer in 2016 caused a debate at the Electoral vote count about it.  If anyone stole the election it was the equalization that COVID-19 caused. Now it is a Genie out of the bottle that shocked Mr. Trump and rest of the Republicans.  What really sealed Mr. Trump's fate was his own personality by his lies dim-wits and racist tendencies.  Add to that is he was taking America backwards regarding the environment most people now believe global warming and climate change are related to man's pollution of the world.  Most people unable to understand the issue they still want government to fix it.

Trump and his presidency actually has made America weaker, despite what claims as promises kept.  the question is not if he kept the promise, the question is should it have been done in the first place.  See his promises check here.…; Most of the Trump promises were act5ually a move backwards of against the advancement of mankind as a civilized homogenous species. 

The problem is Republicans are conservative and they are not scientific at heart but believe religion as a directive standard that is supposed to magically fix what they do not believe is really happening because they believe God is not going to let them die that way. They are of course wrong

Recently Congress - particularly the Senate has become quite dysfunctional and aside from Mitchell McConnell being the lead obstructionist the Senate in general is a geriatric body and Congress in general has far too many members over 65 in positions of power.  65 is the average age dementia begins to affect the human nature.    It is the age an ornery nature begins to be prevalent.  Diane Feinstein was so loosing cognitive competency she was removed from her leadership role on the judiciary committee. After 65 people generally become combative because they know that they are becoming more and more less relevant so they fight for the sake of fighting.  This is grid locking Congress. 

See This is the reason Federal district judges are retired and stripped of their courtrooms at that age of 65.  Similarly no person should be allowed to run for president who is no a lawyer - they at least will have good sense to the law and know better ethically than seeing what Trump is doing.  

Here Pelosi has again gone the wrong direction - it is not impeachment needed - it is stopping Trump on line from continuing to poison people in his cult and mis information.  Regardless even the impeachment brought - misses what should be charged - "seditious conspiracy" not "incitement to insurrection". 

The productivity of the government would improve greatly if persons could no longer run for or hold office if they will be 65 or greater when taking office.  See also and

So until someone looks, they will never see the connection to  Neanderthal  DNA which also often comes with the "warrior gene" as well   Neanderthal  DNA is usually found easily on sight  - it is big man wide in girth not particularly bright in how they think.  They often say or do something that is just plain stupid, like when Trump asked about Bleach in the body to fight the coronavirus.   When faced with a conundrum they ponder what is something with a simple solution and when given the answer they say - no that is not it.  This describes frighteningly a whole lot of men in America, and yes that is just what it is.  Of course you do not want to believe this - but it is the science which explains it.  At its worse solution - people should be required to be of a certain IQ before they can vote, not just an age.  Sadly - that is not how America works, and in the end it may be what destroys the American system of government but it would force people to stay in school and get an education if they want to ever vote.  You won't find foolish people like the guy wearing the horns and war paint who invaded the Capitol.